Vision & Mission


Happy Family School provides a Christian based Education to equip Students through Christian values and Dynamic School Program with Professional Educators & Staff.  We provide appropriate and relevant facilities to support learning activities to achieve the maximum result of the development of students in equipping them to be the next divine generation according to the talents & potentials they have in order to make positive impact and to bless this Nation.


- Parents as our partners to be one Team in developing the Christian Values at school and at home
- Give a holistic education (in intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Emotional dan physical growth), give rooms for each potential for our students
- To educate young people to know Christ and to equip them with the Christian values
- To equip their heart and mind as well to engage the world they live in, and make an impact according to Godly principle wherever they are

Why HFS?

Core Value


Putting our Trust in Jesus Christ alone


Having the ability to be in charge of our emotions and desires especially in difficult situations


Doing the right things in thoughts and actions based on Christian values


Being sincere and honest based on the truth of the Bible


Being sincere and honest based on the truth of the Bible

The Excellences


Developing the knowledge and the understanding about the nature world through the process of observing, exploring, and experimenting to produce the creative result for each level.


Maximizing the potential and the talents of each students through the variety program to equip them in the skill accordance with the stages of the students.


Developing the ability of communication other languages especially in English and Mandarin to help them to be able to face the global world


Developing an environment of using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in school system and in the learning process of the students started from the very young learner.

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Hello Everyone,
Good day…
I’m Viens, Max Wisely’s Mom. Our family has 5 members and Max is the youngest member & the only son I have. He has 2 older sisters. As my experienced, our children went to National school since they were in kindergarten. When he was in elementary school, I noticed that he has more talent and smart. He was able to do all homework & studying for tests only in short time, then got great score too. His ability makes me realize to make him more challenge, because at that time he has many time to play games & I have no other reason to make him stop, since there are no more homework & test for him.
Otherwise I want to sharpen his intelligence more & more from he was a kid. That’s why I started to find National PLUS School which many people nowadays like to register their children get in to it. When we go to Happy Family church, we have many information that the church started to open a school with International Standard Curriculum with Christianity basis. At that time, I’m wondering how & what it means? Lucky I am, My younger sister, Katherine, she is a quiet active in Happy Family church & she knows well about Happy Family School because ...


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