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About HFS

HFS was born from the Happy Family Center's sheperd couple who were inspired to establish a school that provides quality education that is of International standard and prioritizes the true Christian character building, with the goal to develop the next generation for successful future and happy children.

HFS integrates the love of Christ in its every school programs so that every child realizes that they are very special individuals.

HFS creates a pleasant learning atmosphere through positive and creative learning environments that can ignite children's learning interest to maximize their potential.

HFS uses FUNGATES systems for Pre-school and Kindergarten level that focus on children's education, structured through research and development for more than 25 years and used in several countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and so on.

While the Primary and Junior High levels HFS uses the national education curriculum and adds local content for Math, Science, and English books from My Pals for primary levels and Cambridge for secondary levels. Therefore, entrust your son and daughter's education to us.

HFS does not only teach theory but the real life application. We teach our children to know God from an early age so that they can fill their life purpose and become divine generation. We also motivate the children to pursue their dreams not only through lessons in general but also in other activities such as sports, public speaking and many other activities.

Vision & Mission


Raise Up Divine Generation


- Building children’s character in a spiritual way
- Providing the best teaching for children using fun methods
- Accelerating children’s creativity to their full potentials
- Developing children’s ability in leadership
- Preparing each individual to be future entrepreneurs

Why HFS?


Today's children are "Think Thinkers", they are the individuals who can do several activities at the same time. That is why HFS designs open classes and connects with each other to answer the needs of children thinking mosaic and doing "Multi Tasking" (multiple jobs at once).


The Language Center will help children master (read & speak) English properly and appropriately through the latest system: Phonics System. In addition, children will also receive Mandarin and Indonesian lessons.


The number of appealing apparatus plays a very important role in the education process, both for teachers and children. In addition, the apparatus which varies in variety greatly supports the children's creativity and imagination to become innovative individuals.


HFS specifically designs each class to develop learning skills both independently and with teacher's guidance in small groups. In this class students will hone rough and fine math, phonic and sensory skills.


Our computer center will develop children's interests and skills in multimedia. Children will be distributed in pairs or individuals so that they can interact with fellow students to make decisions and find a way out through "fun software".


The science center answers the question "Whys and how-tos" (why and how) in the child's mind. With the teacher's guidance, students will experiment and act secretly the truth of science, life, physical and nature around them.


The teacher plays an important role in educating children in school. HFS, which is affiliated with the Fungates system, will always send teachers to take part in training held regularly in Kuala Lumpur / Singapore. The training is very useful to increase their knowledge and skills as well as their spiritual life. The role of the teacher is not only teaching but must be practiced to increase the potential of each student and make a difference in their lives.


HFS recognizes the importance of parental involvement in educating children from an early age to help achieve the maximum potential of each children. HFS will hold seminars to support the role of parents in educating children and will hold activities that involve parents to be able to interact with children.


Hello.. We are the parents of Gary Asher Harijanto, the second grader of Happy Family Primary School. We are honored to give some testimony about our only son. For him, HFS has been his second home as he has joined HFS since his playgroup. During his study at HFS, we have seen so many progresses that Gary has undertaken, both in academic and personality.

All HFS teachers are caring and loving, and we are so grateful for that. There are so many teachers to be thanked. For instance, Gary had difficulties in reading during Kindergarten; as a result, he couldn’t grasp lessons well. Ms. Anis was the one who taught him patiently how to read and prepared him for the Elementary level. Special thank also goes to the previous homeroom teacher, Mr. Jeffry. 

Because of his attention, we finally know that Gary has defect in his eyes and needs immediate treatment. In addition, His current homeroom teacher, Mr. Dimas, also contributes a lot in Gary’s academic progress. Furthermore, thank God, through HFS teachers, staff, curriculum, and prayers, Gary who used to be an uncontrollable active boy who couldn’t express his emotion properly, now is growing to be an independent, confident, cheerful, smart boy who has much better self control. We especially like the idea of small-sized class that HFS applies. This enables the students to get detailed attention on their work as well as progress. So, keep up the good work, HFS. Jesus bless you. 


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