Junior High

Junior High in HFS

In Happy Family junior High School, we always start our class with morning devotion. we read the buble and pray together before starting out lesson and after the class is over, we also do closing devotion. The students spend about 40-120 minutes on each subject and have 2 breaks. we teach our students using itneractive methods such as coopoerative learning, do some games that relates to the subject and make some projects that can stimulate their critical thinking. Apart from the regular classes, we have arts and crafts period where craft and artworks are being taught.

The students paint, draw and make some unique arts in this lesson. We also have entrepreneurship class where the students are being taught to be a good entrepreneur. In this lesson, the students usually cook some food in school and try to sell it. The last but not least, we have a public speaking class where the students are being taught to be a good speaker in public. They learn how to be  a master of ceremony (MC), reporter, news reader and also they learn how to speak in public without feeling nervous.

Our school gives great values not only for academics, but also for every other aspect of  life and makes our students into a more responsible and creative thinker.