Junior High

Junior High in HFS

Junior High starts every day with a Morning Devotion. We read the Bible and pray together before starting the lesson and at the end of the day, we also close with a devotion. It helps to build students' spirituality. Students spend about 40-120 minutes on each subject and have 2 break times. We teach our students using interactive methods such as cooperative learning, such as doing games that relate to the subject, and make projects that stimulate their critical thinking. Besides the core subjects, Junior High students also have Art and Craft period where craft and artworks are being taught and done. Students paint, draw, and make various arts and crafts.

Junior High level also develops entrepreneurship skills. Students not only learn how to be entrepreneurs but how to be a good entrepreneur.  They do different kinds of activities such as a cooking food at school from scratch and working on it as a team. They will then present and find ways to sell.

Another skill developed in Junior High is public speaking. Students learn to be a good public speaker through ways such as being a are being taught to be a master of ceremony (MC), reporter, news presenter. They also learn to speak confidently and manage themselves when performing on stage. Our school gives great values not only academically, but also spiritually so students can learn to be more responsible and develop creativity in every aspects in life.