Primary at HFS

Primary Level uses three learning languages, English, Mandarin and Indonesia. These languages are also used as a language instruction and English is used as a means of communication besides Indonesia. Primary uses the National Curriculum and for English, Mathematics and Science, we use My Pals from Singapore.

In Primary, the students are encouraged to explore and pursue passion in what they do. They are given the opportunity to develop their talents and potentials. Students are also directed to find solutions to problems they face independently both individually and as a team with teachers as facilitators. We equip them with ideas and innovation that are useful for solving problems. We also encourage them to collaborate with others to open their minds and develop new ways in thinking and taking action. Every day, the class begins with a Morning Devotion so every child can grow and be good spiritually as well as academically. We encourage and support students to be respectful towards other people so they can help and guide each other.